What Is Regenerative Farming?

regenerative farming global warming solution

Regernative Farming

A away of growing crops and raising animals that replenishes the soil with microbes and carbon, therefore helping the issue of global warming.


It is no secret that there are excessive amounts of carbon trapped in our atmosphere, hence global warming. This has been caused by the burning fossil fuels, conventional farming, and many other actions taken by us humans.

We often think that the best way to reverse global warming is by driving electric cars, eating vegan diets, and using solar energy. However, this is not the most effective way to reverse the damage that has already been done.

The best way to do so is by utilizing the grasses which naturally capture the carbon in the atmosphere.

How does this work?

The roots of grasses use CO2 in their growth cycle. They absorb it deep into the soil, taking it out of our atmosphere. This carbon that fills the soil is then able to help the fields retain water from the rain. The grazing and walking of animals on the fields actually helps to stimulate this cycle. Force of Nature has a great graphic on all of the details of this process.

How can you help?

Buy 100% grass-fed meats from farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture. Some of my favorite brands that do this are Belcampo, White Oak Pastures, and Force of Nature. All of these brands are helping to combat global warming and paving the way for how we ethically raise animals.

Stop buying industrial-raised meats. If we keep supporting farmers who raise animals in this way, these problems will only continue to get worse. The same goes for soy and corn. These are government-subsidized crops that are the main contributors to our soil’s erosion and loss of nutrients.

Watch this.

Be sure to check out Kiss the Ground on Netflix for more information on the issues that currently exist and how regenerative farming can fix them. It was super educational and easy to follow.

Originally published at https://www.madisonmae.org on September 28, 2020.



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