Madison Mae

Aug 25, 2020

3 min read

Beat the Mid-Day Slump

Working in bed

3 tips on maintaining your energy throughout the workday, keeping you focused and productive.

Usually it’s after lunch or around 2–3pm when your cortisol is decreasing due to stress and the flow of the day. You are fighting the urge to take a nap and want to chug a whole glass of cold brew so the caffeine can keep you awake.

If you think this is normal, it’s not. You don’t have to feel this crash of energy. You shouldn’t have to depend on a nap or more caffeine. Here are 3 things I do to ensure I’m feeling energized and focused throughout the entire work day:

Workout in the afternoon.

At night you are trying to wind down your body and prepare it for rest. Working out will simply SPIKE your cortisol, sending your body into overdrive when it is really time to rest.

During your lunch break is the perfect time to workout because it is when you are starting to slow down. Exercising during this team will increase cortisol levels, keeping you alert and focused as you continue your work day.

Avoid carbs at lunch.

Aim to eat a high protein meal for lunch. I like to do a salad with fish and veggies or a smoothie with protein powder. This ensures I won’t experience a carb crash that drains my energy.

Drink green tea or matcha.

If you are hyper-sensitive to caffeine, matcha is the way to go. Just make sure you are buying ceremonial-grade matcha that has been tested for heavy metals. I personally enjoy this brand. The quality is very important if you want to experience all of its great benefits.

Now you have all the natural tools in your tool belt for beating that awful tiredness that hits in the middle of the workday. Watch your productivity and focus sky rocket. It’s amazing how much more good you can do when you feel good.


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